Our Weekly or Bi-Weekly maintenance options, will leave your pool looking prisitne and inviting all year round – with professional dedicated teams, you can be rest assured we’ve got your covered.

Our Maintenance Services Includes the following:

  • Clearing of Weir and Pump Basket Debris;
  • Vacuuming of the Pool Surface;
  • Brushing of the Pool Surface;
  • Skimming of Water Surface Debris;
  • Backwashing of Filter to Ensure Peak Performance of Filtration;
  • Inspection of All Equipment – Pump, Filter, Pool Cleaner;
  • Reporting of Faults to Owner Timeously;
  • Testing of Water on Every Visit to Maintain Correct Healthy Balanced Water Parameters;
  • Supply of Dosing of Relevant Chemicals to Keep your Pool Sparkling and Safe.